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• Stay anonymous! (Non-anonymous prompts will be screened and the OP will be asked to reprompt.)
• One prompt per comment please.
• You can request kinky or non-kinky content.
• Crossovers (such as characters from other media, RPF, etc.) are permitted.
• All prompt comments should begin with a pairing tag (e.g. Ginny/Mike) or 'gen' for gen.
• Use 'Any' when prompting for any pairing at all (e.g. Mike/any or any/any).
• Anyone, everyone, no one? Use "Other." (e.g. Ginny/other)
• Warn for common triggers, please.
• Don't hijack other people's prompts.
• Limit your prompt to ~250 words.
No prompts featuring characters under 18 in sexual situations!
• Be courteous and kind!


Oct. 21st, 2016 06:36 am
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Post links to your prompt fills here.

Please put the title and pairing (if applicable) and a brief gist of the prompt in the subject line. Any triggers should also be in the subject line.

If your work is a WIP, please indicate so with a "WIP" on the subject line.

Body of the comment should include a copy of the prompt, and a link to where the fill is posted on the kinkmeme. You can include a link to AO3, if you want.
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Do you need a place to discuss the latest episode of Pitch, your favorite Pitch pairings, your cute new puppy, your favorite MLB team, or basically whatever comes to mind? This is the place to do it!


Oct. 21st, 2016 06:34 am
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Questions or suggestions? Leave a comment here and a mod will get back to you ASAP.


Oct. 21st, 2016 06:08 am
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1. Remember to post anonymously! Any logged in or non-anonymous comments will be screened and the OP will be asked to re-prompt.

2. Requests:
     2A. Please include pairings and kinks in the headers/subject lines of all requests.
      2B. Get kinky! But don't forget to include extras that can help the writer/artist work with your prompt.
       2C. Feel free to share your evidence or proof of your requested pairing... but remember to label the comment!

3. Fills:
     3A. There is NO LIMIT on the length of a fulfilled prompt. But you MUST label all parts of the fill, so all the readers can follow along.
      3B. Fills are not limited to fic... artwork is encouraged as well!

4. Be respectful. No kinkshaming or bashing. If you see kinkshaming and/or bashing, flag a mod in the mod post. No dogpiling or fighting in the comments.

5. Discussion not related to the prompt should be moved to the discussion/off-topic post.

6. One prompt per comment.

7. You can request non-kinky content!

8. Use "any" or "any/any" if prompting for any pairing at all.

9. Anyone, everyone, no one? Use "Other." (e.g. Ginny/Other)

10. Please label pairings (or gen, if gen) and common triggers/content clearly in the subject line of your prompt. If you fail to do this your comment will be screened and you'll be asked to repost.

11. Don't hijack others' prompts.

12. When posting a fill, please include FILL somewhere in your subject line.

13. If you've posted your fill to AO3 or FF.Net feel free to post a link under the prompt. Also be sure to include FILL in the subject line.

14. Prompts should not exceed ~250 words.

15. Crossovers are allowed! You can even crossover with RPF (real-life MLB players, the actors, crew, etc). Just remember to label it.

16. Please don't embed video/images. Links are fine.

17. All prompts are open to fills at all times, even if they have been filled in the past or are being currently filled by someone else. Multiple fills are encouraged.

18. Long fills can either be posted over multiple comments, or posted on AO3 and linked back here.

19. Feel free to promote the community on places like tumblr and fannish twitters! (The mods would prefer you not link actors/people involved in the show/media members to the community.)

20. You've got free rein to prompt whatever kinks your hearts desire... However, there is one thing that's off limits:

Absolutely no underage. I know, I know, YKINMK, but if someone reports the community we're all kinda boned so please don't do it.

The mods reserve the right to edit and add onto this post.

If you have anymore questions, leave a comment!

Rules borrowed and modified from [ profile] mlbanonmeme and [community profile] tfa_kink.


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